Ace of Haze Marijuana Strain Review & Information

Ace of Haze is an exceedingly rare sativa dominant hybrid strain. This distinctive strain is a result of crossing Ace of Spades with an unknown member of the Haze lineage. Many speculate that its second parent is Super Silver Haze, mostly due to the strain’s close resemblance. Whatever its origin, Ace of Haze holds a unique allure within its vibrant buds and the euphoric, energizing high it offers.

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Artful Appearance, Taste, and Aroma

Ace of Haze buds captivate the eye with their bright neon green nugs, charmingly speckled with vibrant orange hairs. A generous glaze of thick, silvery, frosty crystal trichomes adds a sparkle that further elevates the buds’ appearance. Each compact nugget releases an earthy pine aroma, accentuated by sweet fruity undertones upon being broken apart.

The strain’s flavor profile appropriately reflects its aromatic dynamics. A sweet, woody taste merges with a bright citrus exhale, which awakens the senses, ensuring a tasting experience that’s as enchanting as its effects.

Rapid, Harmonious Effects

The effects of Ace of Haze manifest almost instantly after the first exhale, suffusing your mind with sociable energy and a feeling of pure euphoria. As these effects intensify, a wave of relaxation—both mental and physical— washes over you, easing away any lingering aches and pains. Yet, importantly, this does not dampen your burgeoning energy or induce sedation, preserving a balanced, comfortable high.

Therapeutic Potential

Boasting a potent THC content averaging between 19-21%, Ace of Haze proves ideal for managing conditions such as migraines or headaches, chronic fatigue, and depression. The blend of happiness and relaxation coupled with a rejuvenating uplift, make it remarkable for both recreational and medicinal users.


Ace of Haze is a magnificent strain for those looking to couple the invigorating energy of the Haze family with the tranquility offered by Ace of Spades. The lovely visual appeal, complex flavor profile, and therapeutic potential make Ace of Haze a favorably considered choice in the cannabis community. It’s certainly a strain that manages to elevate sidestepping a sedative effect, ensuring the user remains both relaxed and energized.

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