ACDC Cookies Marijuana Strain Review & Info

ACDC Cookies is a hybrid strain that equally balances indica and sativa. A potent merge of the renowned ACDC and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies strains, this strain offers notably distinctive medicinal effects. Characterized by low THC and high CBD contents, ACDC Cookies provides users with a simultaneously soothing and uplifting experience that relaxes the body without the intense effects associated with high THC strains.

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Revealing the Strain Genetic Makeup

ACDC Cookies has a unique genetic lineage, being a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid produced by crossing the potent ACDC and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies strains. This special blend results in a strain with a relatively low THC level between 3-9% and a significantly high CBD level that averages between 11-17%.

Tantalizing Taste and Aroma

ACDC Cookies offers a sweet and fruity palate, proffering flavors of blueberry and vanilla with a subtle touch of spice. The aroma also delights with a rich profile hinting at berry, earthy, fruity, and nutty notes. Buds of ACDC Cookies are characterized by their fluffy, grape-shaped, dark green nugs highlighted with dark purple undertones. This aesthetic is further enhanced with thin red-orange hairs and a coating of tiny white crystal trichomes tinged with purple.

The Calming Effects

Users of ACDC Cookies are treated to a uniquely soothing experience where both physical and cerebral relaxation is induced soon after the final exhale. The strain helps users achieve a noticeable uplifted mood while providing full-body relaxation. These effects persist for hours, offering profound morning-to-night relief for those who need it most.

Potential Therapeutic Benefits

Considering the high CBD levels and aforementioned effects, ACDC Cookies serves as an ideal medicinal strain for treating various conditions. These include inflammation, chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, seizures, depression, and chronic stress or anxiety. The strain’s low THC and high CBD makes it a prime choice for those seeking relief with minimal psychoactive side effects.


For those seeking a strain with maximum medicinal potential and minimal THC-induced mind-altering effects, ACDC Cookies could prove to be the perfect choice. Its uniquely relaxing qualities, high CBD level, and appealing flavor profile make it a genuinely attractive option for both seasoned and novice users. Whether you’re seeking aid for physical ailments or looking for calming cerebral effects, ACDC Cookies promises an enjoyable and well-rounded cannabis experience.

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