ACDC Cookies Marijuana Strain Information & Review

ACDC Cookies is a balanced blend, kind of like the middle ground of marijuana strains, that’s got equal parts sativa and indica in it. It’s not too strong on the THC (that’s the stuff that gets you high), but has a lot of CBD, which is what many people use to feel better. This means that smoking it won’t knock you off your feet, but you’ll likely feel chilled out and happy. Imagine a warm blanket for your mood and muscles that doesn’t make you too sleepy or loopy. It’s especially good for times when you’re hurting, feeling tense, or dealing with too many worries. The taste is sweet, like berries and vanilla, with a hint of spice and the scent is earthy and nutty with fruity notes. Its buds are a mix of green and purple with some red hairs and white frost-like spots on top.

ACDC Cookies Marijuana Strain Effects & Flavors

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ACDC Cookies Marijuana Strain Information & Review


  • Body High: Engulfs the body with a wave of soothing relaxation, easing muscle tension and stress.
  • Calming: Steers the mind into tranquil waters, promoting serenity.
  • Euphoria: Ushers in a state of blissful happiness, elevating the mood.
  • Happy: Induces a cheerful disposition, making for an uplifting experience.
  • Relaxing: Delivers deep, pervasive relaxation, ideal for unwinding.
  • Uplifting: Energizes the spirit, providing a sense of upliftment and renewed energy.

May Help With

  • Chronic Pain and Cramps: Its potent body high can significantly diminish physical discomfort.
  • Depression: The euphoric and happy effects may temporarily alleviate symptoms of depression.
  • Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, and Seizures: Offers potential relief owing to its anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxant properties.


  • Berry/Blueberry: A lush, fruity presence that delights the palate with its natural sweetness.
  • Fruity: Amplifies the berry notes, adding depth to the strain’s complex flavor profile.
  • Spicy: Introduces warmth, adding a layer of intrigue and dimension.
  • Vanilla: Concludes the tasting experience with a smooth, creamy finish, rounding out the spicy and fruity interplay.


  • Berry: The initial olfactory impression, rich and inviting.
  • Earthy: Adds a grounding, natural base note, harmonizing the fruitiness.
  • Fruity: Permeates the air with a sweet, enveloping fragrance.
  • Nutty: A subtle undertone that complements the strain’s sweetness with a hint of earthiness.

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