Abula Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Abula, a delicately sativa-dominant hybrid strain (60% sativa/40% indica), emerges from the crossing of Strawberry Diesel and Alien Kush #2. Paying homage to comforting home-cooked soups, Abula offers a cozy reprieve with a delectable twist for those who lean towards sativa’s invigorating effects. Its flavor is akin to a summer fruit harvest, primarily exuding sweet, sun-ripened strawberry with a tease of spicy wood. The aroma complements this with layers of pine, strawberries, and a subtle hint of spicy cherries. Upon the final toke, Abula gently uplifts your mind, immersing it in warmth and a tingling happiness, eliminating negativity and quieting tumultuous thoughts. This high blooms with creativity, making it an artist’s ally. The experience is rounded with an undeniable need to feast, a boon for those who might struggle with appetite. With its THC content ranging from 16% to 20%, Abula is also a coveted ally in combating chronic pain, appetite loss or nausea, depression, and chronic stress. A visual treat as well, Abula has charming small, heart-shaped nugs that don a forest green jacket with golden hues, adorned with thin orange hairs and a glittering coat of golden-white trichomes.

Abula Marijuana Strain effects & Flavors

Effects: Begin your journey with the Abula strain and experience a tapestry of sensations. Feel the Calming waves as they gently wash over you, followed by a surge of Creative energy, igniting your thoughts with vibrant Euphoria. The Hungry sensation will have you exploring your pantry, while the Tingly feeling is like a gentle whisper across your senses, culminating in an Uplifting mood that elevates you above the mundane.

May Help With: This strain emerges as a beacon of hope for those battling Chronic Pain, Depression, Nausea, and Stress. Its ability to soothe the body while enlivening the spirit makes it a formidable ally in the quest for wellness and balance.

Flavors: Abula’s flavor profile is a cornucopia of delights, starting with the juicy Berry burst, then shifting gears into the rugged terrain of Diesel, followed by an orchestra of Fruity nuances. The Pine and Strawberry notes dance on your palate, while the Sweet and Woody undertones provide a comforting embrace, ensuring each puff is a memorable escapade.

Aromas: Unlock a treasure trove of aromatic experiences with Abula. The Berry fragrance lays the foundation, interwoven with Diesel’s boldness and the freshness of Fruity scents. Herbal and Spicy notes flirt around the edges, with Strawberry’s sweetness taking center stage, all resting on a bed of Woody tranquility.

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