Above and Beyond Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Above and Beyond, a remarkable indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa), emerges through the unique blend of Alien OG, Cousin, and Grape Stomper strains, boasting a THC content of 19-25%. This strain shines for its intensely potent effects and a delectable taste profile, living up to its name by offering a transcendental experience. Users are greeted with a euphoric cerebral lift upon consumption, which ushers in a happy, focused, and energized mindset. This is complemented by a surge in creativity and sociability, making it perfect for social engagements. A soothing body high ensures you remain relaxed and grounded as your mind explores new heights. Above and Beyond is a popular choice for alleviating symptoms of chronic stress, depression, fatigue, ADD/ADHD, and chronic pain, thanks to its powerful effects. Its flavor is a delightful mix of sweet and fruity grape candy with a hint of earthiness upon exhale, while its aroma carries similar notes with additional sour pine undertones. The appearance of Above and Beyond is just as inviting, with its neon green nugs, dark accents, amber hairs, and a generous dusting of frosty trichomes.

Above and Beyond Marijuana Strain effects & Flavors

Effects: Embarking on a journey with Above and Beyond introduces the user to a multilayered experience. It initiates a Body High that envelops the senses, with a burst of Creative inspiration following closely. The user’s Focus sharpens, and there’s an undeniable Uplifting spirit accompanying this strain, inducing a state of Relaxation. The effects are expansive, turning any social gathering into an engaging encounter or solo time into a serene retreat.

May Help With: Above and Beyond steps in as a potential alleviator for those grappling with ADD/ADHD, Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Stress. It embodies a beacon of tranquillity, harmoniously merging into the user’s body, striving to ease discomfort and challenges brought about by these conditions.

Flavors: Above and Beyond takes the user through a sensory exploration, offering a spectacular flavor profile. It flaunts a vibrant palette that spins around Candy and Fruity notes, supplemented with a Grape undertone that pleasantly surprizes. A hint of Pine adds to the spectrum, and Sour and Sweet elements masterfully complete this captivating taste adventure.

Aromas: Inhaling the aroma of Above and Beyond is a tantalizing experience. Earthy and Fruity undertones beautifully intersect with a Grape essence in perfect harmony. Sour and Pine nuances paint a magical hint of freshness, inviting to an olfactory journey that mirrors an adventure amidst nature’s bounty.

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