Abominable Snowman Marijuana Strain Information & Review

Abominable Snowman distinguishes itself as a remarkable indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa), born from the harmonious crossing of SnowCap Delta, Pure Kush, and Uzbekistani strains, boasting a formidable THC concentration of 25-28%. This strain’s moniker is inspired by its icy appearance and intense high, presenting piecey, long, minty green nugs densely adorned with orange hairs and enveloped in a thick blanket of bright white crystal trichomes. Upon dismantling these sticky buds, one is greeted with an olfactory bouquet of sweet minty candy and fruity pine, augmented by a woody, earthy undertone as it combusted. The palate is treated to a sweet, fruity, tropical candy essence with a subtle hint of earthy mint upon exhale. The high induced by the Abominable Snowman is soothingly mellow, ideally suited for nighttime use, ushering in a state of profound relaxation and deep sedation that gently cradles both mind and body into serenity and peaceful slumber. Its potent effects make it an ideal choice for those battling chronic pain, insomnia, depression, muscle spasms, chronic stress, and appetite loss, offering a tranquil escape from discomfort and restlessness.

Abominable Snowman Marijuana Strain effects & Flavors

Effects: The relationship with Abominable Snowman begins with a welcoming Body High that triggers idyllic contentment and stirs a sense of Uplifting camaraderie. Notably, the strain might inspire an unexpected Hunger – a delightful side effect to be sure. The encounter smoothly transitions into a state of profound Relaxation, culminating in a gentle nod into Sleepiness that whispers of the tranquility to come.

May Help With: Abominable Snowman steps forward as a tried and trusted confidant for soothing Chronic Pain, pacifying the storm clouds of Depression, and lulling the tenacious grip of Insomnia into leaving. It also works to soften the edges of Muscle Spasms, quells Nausea, and adds a buffer against the onslaught of Stress, offering a dock in the tumultuous waters of discomfort.

Flavors: Taking a draw from Abominable Snowman is akin to embarking on an exotic adventure; it weaves a lush tapestry of Candy sweetness, bountiful Fruity notes, a whisper of Pine, a hint of the Tropical, and wraps it all in a comforting curtain of Sweetness. Each draw is a page in a flavor journal filled with intriguing twists and turns.

Aromas: Inhaling Abominable Snowman’s scent is a cascade of sensory indulgence, beginning with a warm, Earthy embrace, supplemented with notes of the lush Fruity spectrum and a cooling Mint aftertaste. Highlights of Pine and Woody undertones add a touch of complexity to this aromatic symphony, ensuring each encounter with Abominable Snowman is as memorable as the last.

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