A La Mode Marijuana Strain Review & Information

A La Mode is an impeccably balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) resulting from a cross between the tantalizing Milkbone X Cookie Pebbles strains. This strain stands out for its enticingly sweet flavor and profoundly calming high, making it a favorite selection for hybrid enthusiasts.

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Taste and Aroma

True to its bakery-inspired name, A La Mode offers a dessert-like taste profile. Users can expect a super creamy and sweet, nutty cookie flavor with hints of fresh strawberries playing subtly in the background. The aroma consistently follows the flavor, exuding a nutty cookie fragrance accentuated by sweet fruity berries and strawberries – creating an aromatic profile as appetizing as the strain itself.

Effects and Uses

The effects of A La Mode begin to resonate a few minutes after the last exhale, gradually lifting users’ spirits and filling them with a clear sense of happiness and tranquillity. This is supplemented by a physical wave of calm that washes over the entire body, grounding the limbs and fostering an overall sensation of relaxation from head to toe.

Given its high average THC level of 22-23%, A La Mode can be effectively used to alleviate a range of disorders, including chronic stress, depression, mood swings, appetite loss or nausea, and chronic pain. This means that in addition to recreational users, A La Mode could have significant benefits for medical marijuana patients.


A La Mode displays dense, thick spade-shaped dark olive green nuggets. The buds are interspersed with thin orange hairs, and a glimmering coating of chunky, sparkling golden-yellow crystal trichomes envelopes the exterior – attesting to both the strain’s potency and its physical appeal.


With a tantalizing blend of creamy, sweet, and fruity flavors, coupled with its calming and uplifting effects, A La Mode offers a polished cannabis experience ideal for both recreational and medicinal users. The high THC level calls for cautious consumption, particularly for novices or those sensitive to THC. Ultimately, from its appetizing taste and aroma to its tranquil effects, A La Mode is a delightful addition to any cannabis connoisseur’s strain collection.

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