A Cheesy Mist Marijuana Strain Information & Review

A Cheesy Mist, cheekily nicknamed “Wheelchair Cheese,” is a heavy hitter in the world of indica-dominant hybrids, boasting an 85% indica lean. This is the strain you turn to when you’ve got nowhere to be and nothing to do except sink into deep, blissful relaxation. Created by mixing the classic Cheese and Kali Mist strains, it introduces itself with a euphoric buzz to the brain, making you feel super giggly and sociable, eager to chat with anyone nearby. But don’t get too comfortable standing up; a powerful wave of relaxation will soon sweep through your body, gluing you to your couch without any intention of moving—not even to check your phone. With THC levels ranging between 18-20%, it’s a favorite for easing aches, pains, cramps, a drop in appetite, stress, and sleepless nights. Its taste? Imagine the sharpest, sour cheese with a hint of sweet and fruity notes upon exhale. The aroma is just as bold, mixing intense cheese with sour and spicy earthy notes. Visually, A Cheesy Mist buds are a sight to behold: bright neon green, fluffy, and coated in sparkly trichomes. If you’re in need of a serious chill pill, this strain might just be your perfect match.

A Cheesy Mist Marijuana Strain Effects & Flavors


  • Euphoria: Washes over users with a profound sense of euphoria, illuminating the mind and spirit.
  • Giggly: Sparks spontaneous laughter and a gleeful disposition, perfect for social occasions.
  • Relaxing: Coasts the body into a deep state of relaxation, dissolving tension and welcoming tranquility.
  • Sleepy: Invites a gentle lull that can transition smoothly into a restful sleep, ideal for those with insomnia.
  • Sociable: Encourages warmth and conversation, making this strain a fitting choice for social gatherings.

May Relieve

  • Chronic Pain & Cramps: Offers potential relief for those suffering from ongoing pain and uncomfortable cramps.
  • Insomnia: The sedative quality of this strain may assist in countering the challenges of sleeplessness.
  • Muscle Spasms: Its relaxing properties may help ease muscle spasms.
  • Stress: Known to help soothe stress, returning calm and balance to the user.


  • Cheesy: Assertive and distinctive, this flavor is a bold statement that cheddar aficionados would appreciate.
  • Fruity: Provides a sweet contrast to the cheesy flavor, creating a delightful taste experience.
  • Herbal: Earthy and grounding, adding a layer of complexity to the profile.
  • Sour: Introduces a tart edge that awakens and refreshes the palate.
  • Spicy & Sweet: A surprising twist that melds warming spices with a sugary finish.


  • Cheese: Robust and unmistakable, this aroma adds a savory character to the strain.
  • Earthy: Roots the strain with a natural and foundational scent.
  • Fruity: A buoyant note that offsets the more savory scents with a burst of sweetness.
  • Pungent: The intensity of the aroma captures the olfactory attention with a potent punch.
  • Sour & Spicy: These tones intertwine to create a zesty and invigorating aromatic experience that’s likely to linger.

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