3 Simple Measures To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

Although cannabis is legal in many states across the US, there are still some rules you have to follow. You must be past the legal age and stick to the quantities you can buy and possess. Apart from the legal regulations, every consumer must adhere to some unspoken rules. Sticking to discreet consumption should be on top of your checklist. Although cannabis has come a long way from being seen as a recreational substance, it still makes sense to lie low. After all, you will not want to attract undue attention as a regular consumer. Here are some simple measures that can help you with discreet use.

Get Basic Cannabis Education

Before anything else, you must get basic cannabis education to handle it the right way. Essentially, cannabis has two key cannabinoids, CBD and THC. Choosing a CBD-dominant strain means you need not worry much about being discreet. The cannabinoid does not get you high, and you can go on with your day without any signs of consumption. Things are different if you opt for a THC-dominant product. It gets you high, and you have to make sure you can handle it. Your tolerance levels play a significant role in this context. If you have a high tolerance, there isn’t a chance you will get unwanted attention after a session.

Choose Your Product And Method Carefully

When it comes to consuming cannabis discreetly, nothing matters more than choosing the right product and consumption method. Edibles are inherently discreet as you can simply chew a gummy or bite a chocolate bar without raising eyebrows. Tinctures and topical products are also good to go. But you need to be extra conscious if you love to inhale your cannabis. Vaping is better than smoking any day because you have to worry less about the smoke and smell. You can try a disposable vape or e-cigarettes to be on the safe side. A little attention while choosing your product can secure you from prying eyes and suspicious noses.

Time And Dose Your Sessions Wisely

If you are serious about keeping things discreet while consuming cannabis, timing your sessions wisely is crucial. You cannot expect to turn up for an important work meeting or appointment right after a session. Evenings are always better to enjoy your experience without interference. You can plan a session at home or party with friends without worrying about being judged at work or a social gathering. Also, consider the time window of cannabis sessions before going ahead. Vapes and tinctures are quick to set in and wane off. Things are different with edibles as they take time to work, and the effects stay for hours after the session. It is equally crucial to dose correctly so that you do not go overboard.

Discreet cannabis consumption is possible, provided you follow the rules and use common sense. Make sure you are comfortable with the product, dosage, and timing. Also, do not flaunt your cannabis and lie low as you have a good time.

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