11s Genetics Review & Strain Info

Established as a dedicated cannabis seed company, 11s Genetics takes a holistic approach to the development of its products, aiming to breed high-quality strains optimized for effect, flavor, yield, and flowering time.

Strains Available

The enterprise currently offers 13 distinct strains, carefully bred by 11s Genetics. These include:

  1. Blackberry Jacky70
  2. GooGone66
  3. Jamaican Orange68
  4. Jet Zki66
  5. Megabowl70
  6. Moon Pop70
  7. Orange Family Mintz65
  8. Orange Headbandz65
  9. Orange Hotz77
  10. Orange Trophy Cake66
  11. Sunset Zkittlez60
  12. Time Cop65
  13. Zolato

Notably, each strain in the portfolio carries the number at the end of its name, which could possibly signify flowering times or other genetic traits, although without specific information from the seed bank, these numbers’ exact meanings remain speculative.

Key Features

A few stand-out features of 11s Genetics include:

  1. High-Quality Strains: The company prides itself on breeding strains for optimum effect, flavor, yield, and flowering time, ensuring that growers and users have a diverse range to choose from.
  2. Wide Range of Strains: With 13 strains available, 11s Genetics provides a broad range of options, meaning there’s likely a strain to suit every cultivation preference and end-user requirement.

While it always good to conduct personal research, 11s Genetics comes across as an impressive seed bank dedicated to quality and diversity. Whether you’re a home-grower or a commercial producer, the wide variety of strains from 11s Genetics could offer exciting genetic diversity to your crop.

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