0siris Genetics Review

0siris Genetics Review: Info & Strains

0siris Genetics Seed Bank has quickly made a name for itself in the world of cannabis genomics since its establishment in 2019. Its focus primarily lies in preserving landrace/Source Origin genetics, heirlooms, ‘building block’ type cannabis and novel mutations.

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Notable Attributes

  1. Range of Strains: As of now, the seed bank boasts three hand-selected strains, all breed by 0siris Genetics. While the selection may seem limited, each of these strains represents significant genetic diversity, promising a unique growth and usage experience.
  2. Focus on Preservation: With a dedication to preserving landrace/Source Origin genetics and heirlooms, this seed bank is making critical contributions to the continuity and diversity of the cannabis species.
  3. Specialization in Novel Mutations & Building Block Cannabis: Another notable feature of this seed bank is its focus on novel mutations and ‘building block’ type cannabis. These are essentially strains with unique features that serve as a valuable basis for further breeding and development.

In summary, 0siris Genetics Seed Bank stands as a unique player in the seed bank industry. If you’re looking for a provider with a focus on preserving core genetics while embracing new and novel mutations, consider 0siris Genetics Seed Bank as a viable contender.

However, as with any seed bank, it’s always advised to do your research and ensure that the strains on offer suit your specific growing conditions, needs and preferences.

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