00 Seeds Bank Review [2024]

00 Seeds Bank has established itself as an exciting new player in the Spanish and, by extension, the global cannabis market. With an impressive portfolio of both autoflowering and feminized seeds, the company demonstrates a commitment to premium cannabis genetics. This review will take a closer look at a selection of strains from 00 Seeds Bank, assessing their quality, ease of cultivation, and the noteworthy high levels of CBD in some strains.

Understanding Autoflowering and Feminized Seeds

Before diving into individual strains, it’s crucial to understand what 00 Seeds Bank brings to the table with its specialization in feminized and autoflowering seeds. Feminized seeds are bred to eliminate male chromosomes, ensuring that every plant grown from these seeds will flower as a female and produce the buds that cannabis users are after. Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, are bred to enter the flowering stage based on age rather than the light cycle, leading to faster harvests and simpler cultivation.

Strain Reviews: From Classics to Novelty

Cheese Varieties: From 00 Cheese to Auto 00 Cheese

00 Seeds offers a range of Cheese strains including the original 00 Cheese and the Auto 00 Cheese. The original is well-regarded, scoring a 7.8/10, with its autoflowering counterpart maintaining the same score. Known for their pungent aroma and potent effects, these strains reflect the bank’s expertise in giving a Spanish twist to a British classic.

Kush Selection: Rich Aromas and Potent Effects

From the 00 Kush to 00 Kush Fast, and including the autoflowering variations, this family has an average score above 7/10, indicating reliably strong effects and aromatic profiles. The 00 Kush and Auto 00 Kush are particularly significant, achieving popularity due to their classical Kush characteristics and ease of growth.

The Afghan Mass Series: Autflowering Titans

Another standout is the Auto Afghan Mass series, especially the Auto Afghan Mass XXL, scoring an 8.1/10, which suggests a winning combination of size and potency. The original Auto Afghan Mass rates slightly higher at an 8.5/10, highlighting its position as one of the best choices for growers looking for that classic Indica dominance with the added autoflowering trait.

Berry and Chocolate Delights

The Auto Blueberry and Auto Bubble Gum series possess remarkably high ratings, with the highest being Auto Blueberry at 8.7/10. These strains combine sweet flavors with high performance. Variations like the Auto Chocolate Skunk and Auto Chocolate Cream also score well, satisfying those looking for unique flavor profiles in their cannabis experience.

Notable High Performers with CBD and Fast Varieties

Auto Gorilla, scoring a solid 9/10, and Auto Do-Si-Dos Cookies, earning a remarkable 9.3/10, are standout offerings for those seeking the latest in autoflowering and high-CBD genetics. The inclusion of ‘Fast‘ variants across different strains indicates an even quicker time from seed to harvest, promising a solution for cultivators working within tight time constraints.

The Full Spectrum

Strains with CBD in their name, such as Bubble Gum CBD, highlight the breeder’s dedication to catering to both recreational and medicinal consumers. With ratings upwards of 8/10, it’s clear that the quality and therapeutic potential of these seeds are making their mark.

The Rating Range: Interpretation and Insights

The ratings range from as low as 5.5/10 for the White Widow to a perfect 10/10 for the novel California Kush Fast and Purple Punch, indicating a variance that can be attributed to personal preferences, growth conditions, or simply the subjective nature of cannabis genetics.

Cultivation and Characteristics

One of 00 Seeds Bank’s most attractive features is the ease with which their strains can be grown. The autoflowering seeds boast an impressive turnaround, with life cycles as short as 60 days from seed to harvest. High levels of CBD in certain strains ensure their appeal to both recreational and medicinal markets.

Conclusion: A Seed Bank for the Modern Grower

00 Seeds Bank represents a strong option for both novice and experienced growers. With an emphasis on diversity and quality, combined with the practical benefits of feminized and autoflowering genetics, 00 Seeds Bank positions itself as a trusted source for those looking to cultivate premium strains with less hassle. Whether seeking rich aromas, potent effects, or therapeutic benefits, this Spanish breeder’s selection has tailormade options catering to a wide array of cannabis cultivation enthusiasts.

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